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Beplain Warm Pouch | Thank you Edition

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This is a special thank you gift from us for a great year in 2021. It is a natural heat-pouch that can be used as a hand warmer or eye mask. You may get this as a free gift! 

We wanted to share the warmth that you have shared with us. Once again we would like to thank you for a wonderful year. We wish you the very best of luck and happy new year!

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What's in it?

The inside the pouch are red beans which are great at holding onto heat for a long time. Keep them with you during the cold winter to keep you warm or place them over your eyes before bedtime to relax!

How to use

① Heat it up in a microwave for 30~40 seconds (**Do not heat it for over 90 seconds**)
② Use it as a hand warmer or place it over you eyes for relaxation

‣ Please take note the warm pack may get wet due to moisture from the red bean.  - do not worry though, it is natural, just leave it to dry for a couple of minutes and you are ready to enjoy.