About Us (shopify)

Our Goal

Our goal is to make your moment during skin care enjoyable and stress-free. 

We want to provide our customers with products that create a "wow" moment and exceed his or her expections. To accomplish our goal we focus on the following values: 1) Clean Beauty, 2) Customer Data, and 3) Accessability

Clean Beauty

#cruelty-free #eco-friendly #sustainable

We are a clean beauty skin care brand that values sustainability and harmony with all life on earth. Clean beauty doesn't refer to the products only. It also encompasses the practice of transparency and sustainability. From selecting ingredients, manufacturing and implementing all brand actions, our values are at its core.

When Beplain was founded, we wanted to create a brand that provided an aternative solution to make the world more sustainable. One way we practice our value is by making all our box packaging with bio-degradable material, sugarcane bagasse. By using sugarcane bagasse, we were able to decrease waste and use of plastic. 

Customer Centric and Data Driven

With us, everything starts from data. We are a data driven skin care brand that is most interested in and inspired by your voices. To provide you with products that meets your need, we make our products based on careful evaluation of customer data and reviews. Our exclusive relationship with Hwahae, the number one Korean health and beauty app with over 9 million active users, allows us access to mass customer data and better understanding of customer needs and trends.

Its is for Everyone

Lastly, we wanted to make our products for everyone. We wanted people who have the most sensitive skin to feel safe when using products with active ingredients, such as Vitamin C and BHA. With simple but effective formulation, we are able to provide our customers with the benefits they want while making them feel safe. 

Join us and experience your "wow" moment in your skin care journey.